Learn the french Alphabet fast youtube

Wondering how to pronounce the alphabet in French?

Or you have to play the jeu du baccalauréat game (or petit bac = game similar to Scattergories or Stop the Bus), and you have to find French words for each letter of the alphabet.

So, check out my video on how to learn the french alphabet quickly!

Remember you can put and choose the subtitles that you want for each video on my channel and you can read the transcript below!

Learn the French alphabet

How to pronounce the alphabet in French?

I will help you learn the French alphabet quickly!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Toast my French, my name is Morgane, and I am a certified French teacher.

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Today we are going to study the letters of the alphabet.

To speak French well, you must know the 26 letters of the alphabet and know how to pronounce them correctly!

The letters of the alphabet

We will start with the letter A.



Very well!

A as plane, a plane.

It’s good!

Then B

B for boat, a boat

C as gift, a gift

D for dancer, a dancer

E for star, a star

F like flower a flower

G for cake, a cake

H for hedgehog, a hedgehog

I like island, an island

J for garden, a garden

K for kiosk, a kiosk

L for Moon, the Moon

M for home, a home

N for cloud, a cloud

O as a computer, a computer

P for butterfly, a butterfly

Q as dock, a dock

R for street, a street

S like pen, a pen

T for turtle, a turtle

U as factory, a factory

V for car, a car

W as wagon, a wagon

X for xylophone, a xylophone

Y as eyes, eyes

Z for zebra, a zebra

Learn the french alphabet fast
For each letter, an example! T for turtle, a turtle!

Bravo !

Well done!

You now know the French alphabet!

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