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Learn numbers in French with this new video on my YouTube channel!

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Four, Twenty… Ten? Ninety!

Do you find the French numbers complicated?
We (the French) too!

But you can learn them easily like we had to do in school!

Let me help you learn to count in French easily!

Hello everybody!
Welcome to Toast my French, my name is Morgane, and I am a certified French teacher.

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Today we are going to study numbers in French.
If you want to go to France, you must know how to count in French: it can save your life (or almost)!

First of all, I want to apologize on behalf of the French for the logic of our numbers! 
Just for information, there was a time when our ancestors the Gauls counted by twenty.
Twenty, two-twenty, three-twenty… four-twenty (eighty)!

That doesn’t explain everything, but hey…

Numbers in French


0: zero.

Very good!

1: one

2: two

3: three

4: four

5: five

6: six

7: seven

8: eight

9: nine

10: ten

11: eleven

12: twelve

13: thirteen

14: fourteen

15: fifteen

16: sixteen

17: seventeen

18: eighteen

19: nineteen

20: twenty

Learn numbers in French
Four (4), twenty (20) or fourty (80)? French numbers are fascinating…!


Now for the tens.

ten, twenty

30: thirty

40: forty

50: fifty

60: sixty

Sixty plus ten:

70: seventy

Four times twenty:

80: eighty

Eighty plus ten:

90: ninety

100: one hundred

1000: thousand

1,000,000: one million

Bravo !


You can now count in French!

Little advice: watch this video before sleeping, and you will remember the numbers more easily!

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