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Bienvenue (Welcome) to Toast my French, your companion to learn the French language and culture!

If you want to discover French and France with a native speaker, then you’ve come to the right place!

Learn French easily

One of the keys to successfully speaking French is practice, as with all languages.

But we don’t always know French speakers who can help us practice or answer our questions, and that is precisely why this blog exists!

It is there to support you in your learning of the French language and to motivate you through authentic quality content.

Even if you can’t go to France, Toast my French is written entirely in French, so you can experience language immersion wherever you are!

The advantage is that you can check what you understand by displaying the site in English (always with a touch of French, bien sûr (of course)!).

It’s like your new bilingual friend!

Learn French easily

Enchantée !

(Nice to meet you !)

Behind this blog, there is a Parisienne, as you may have guessed!

My name is Morgane, and I am your French teacher on this blog.

I love Paris, but I am also passionate about travel and in love with languages ​​and cultures.

I worked in very different countries including, Asia and America, and I became polyglot.

I love sharing French culture and traditions with my students and foreign friends, and I am so glad to share this with you now!

Consider me as a friend and a guide on your linguistic and cultural journey.

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You may learn French out of necessity, to travel or go work in a French-speaking country, or just as a hobby.

Either way, this blog will be a great help in inspiring and motivating you.

Speaking from experience, when you can communicate in French, you will be amazed at the new opportunities available to you!

So don’t lose a moment and join me on this adventure!

Bon Voyage !
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À très bientôt !
(See you soon!)

Morgane Bellouard