15 tips to learn french

Learning French may seem difficult, but it’s actually quite easy if you apply a few tips to learn french, and make learning easier!

Bien sûr (Of course), there are the basic tips like: don’t be afraid to make mistakes, practice your French regularly a little every day, repeat…

I have some advice for you as a French teacher, but I will also give you my personal advice to learn a language (Yes, I can speak 6 languages ​​more or less well and I’m learning some more!).

My main tip to learn French, which you can adapt to any language, is to immerse yourself in the language!
We all learned a language naturally when we were babies, right? Alors (So), just do it again!

1. Learn how to read and pronounce French correctly (with Speechify)

Learn to read and pronounce French correctly
Like this cat, practice pronunciation!

One of the most important things about speaking a language is being able to make yourself understood (You learn French to speak it, don’t you?).

  • I’m not talking about having an accent, because I don’t know about you, but like many people, I find having an accent gives a certain charm and therefore is an asset!
  • If every time you speak French, you’re asked to repeat, or you’re answered with “Quoi (What)?” or “Comment (How)?“, there is probably a problem with your pronunciation.
  • The most important thing is to pronounce French sounds well as soon as you start your learning.
  • Have you been learning French for a while? Too bad, it’s too late…
    But of course not! It’s never too late to improve your pronunciation! It does take a little more work, but you can do it!

⭐️Tip⭐️: If you are unsure of the pronunciation, use the Speechify Plug In!
This allows you to listen to the pronunciation of all the pages you want in French, even your emails, newspaper articles, pdf and social networks!
I recommend it to all my students to improve their pronunciation and listening comprehension!

2. Find the French words of your language

Find the French words of your language
“- Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster?
I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen.”
Groundhog Day, 1993

Bravo (Well done), you already know some words in French!

You don’t believe me ?
You probably know the expression “déjà vu”?
Maybe even “rendez-vous”, “eau de toilette”, or even “et voila!”.
Let’s not even talk about all the words that are associated with French cuisine! (“baguette”, “crêpe” and company!)

  • Do a little research on the words of French origin that there are in your language.
  • You will probably find a few because languages ​​are all made up of words of foreign origin. Did you find any (and you didn’t even know they were French)? Félicitations (Congratulations), that’s already less work!
  • Mais attention (But be careful), you may pronounce them differently in your language than they are pronounced in French!

Even if they are the same words, you will have to relearn their pronunciation.

3. Start with the basics (and don’t forget them!)

Start with the basics (and don't forget them!)
Everything is possible with a good foundation!

As in your language, there are some basic rules in French that make all the difference between someone who can speak French and someone who speaks poorly.

You can know all the vocabulary possible in French, if you are wrong on basic things, people will think that you cannot speak very well.

These small mistakes affect the representation of your general French level, so try not to make them.

  • To avoid common gender errors (male or female), always learn a noun with its determiner, such as “la mer (the sea)“, “le soleil (the sun)” or “une pomme (an apple)“, not just “mer“, “ciel” and “pomme“.
    In French, we always use determiner + name!
  • And another VERY important point: de + le = du and de + les = des, so definitely say adieu (farewell) to all the “de” or “de lesthat do not exist in French !! (You can’t imagine how you’ll make me happy!)

Correct your mistakes as soon as possible, or it will be very difficult to change!

4. Use language apps

Use language apps
Don’t waste your time and use these 5 minutes to improve your French!

One of the best ways to start learning a language on your own is by using an app!

I find language apps great to learn basics and vocabulary in a very entertaining way!

  • The lessons are varied and the drawings are enjoyable!
  • You can practice your reading comprehension, your written expression, your listening comprehension, and even your speaking for some languages.
  • You have point and ranking systems to motivate you to practice languages ​​regularly!

D’ailleurs (By the way), I strongly advise you to learn French in English on these apps, even if it is not your mother tongue!
Lessons are more up to date in English, and you can practice 2 languages ​​at the same time!
English is very important these days (even essential), and that’s why Im doing this blog in English only: French to practice and English to have a translation and help you understand!

5. Watch Youtube videos

Watch Youtube videos
Direct access to native speakers and real life, at your fingertips!

In addition to the apps, you can also watch French videos on Youtube or other video platforms.

  • You will be able to practice your oral comprehension and learn to speak like French people.
  • You can even practice writing comprehension and speaking with the comments!
  • You can very well watch simply videos of French Youtubers to get used to hearing French spoken as in everyday life.
  • Automatic subtitles (put in French) can sometimes help you understand what they are saying or how to write it.
    Your best bet is, of course, to find videos that have official subtitles, as they will be more accurate.
  • But Youtube is also the best way to find French video lessons!
    You will find hundreds of French channels, with different teachers, native speakers or not, teaching only in French or other languages.
    It’s up to you to choose the channels you like the most!

You obviously know which channel I will recommend to you!
Eh oui (Yes), the Toast my French one, of course, my Youtube channel, which will be released soon and where I will do my best to guide you in French and through French culture!

6. Follow Instagram accounts in French (or Facebook and Pinterest)

Follow Instagram accounts in French
Who owns this beautiful Instagram page?

You will also find Instagram videos with more photos and text ideal for memo cards.

  • You can practice your listening comprehension, your reading comprehension, and your written expression with comments, like on Youtube or even Facebook.
  • You can follow French celebrities, French brands, and of course, French-language accounts!
  • There too, no suspense; I invite you to follow me on Instagram (@toastmyfrench) to learn vocabulary, grammar, tips, and everything you want to know about French and its culture!
  • Instagram Stories allow you to watch short videos in French, sometimes even with text. (Be careful, French people also make spelling mistakes!)

In the same vein, we must not forget Pinterest!

  • You must have seen that you can pin all the photos on this blog.
  • If there’s an article you like, please pin it to keep it on your boards!

Now we can no longer say that you are wasting your time on social networks: you are practicing your French!

7. Watch French series or films

Watch French series or films
You don’t have to eat like a piggy!

You can watch French movies and series on any platform these days!

  • Personally, I prefer the ones where there is a lot of choices and where you can put the languages ​​and the subtitles you want.
    You can even watch movies you know in French, Version Française (VF) (French Version) if you like.
  • For example, I recommend the Disney cartoons, which are dubbed in almost all languages, as well as their songs!
    You have probably already seen them in your language, so it will be easier to understand them in French.
  • I recommend that you watch films or series in French with English subtitles (or another language) first when you start to learn French.
  • If that’s too easy, you can switch to French with French subtitles before watching them only in French!
    You have to take breaks and look for words that you don’t understand to really make progress.

Mais attention (But be careful), you may know it, but the French soundtrack is not always the same as the subtitles!
You will have the same meaning, but not the same words!

Youtube videos or podcasts and their transcription are therefore better to be able to listen and read French at the same time.

8. Listen to French songs or Podcasts

Listen to French songs or Podcasts
Listen to French songs to learn effortlessly!

Finally, to fully immerse yourself in linguistic immersion, you can listen to French songs!

  • You can find many French songs on different music platforms.
  • You have in particular the Top 50 France, which brings together the 50 most listened songs in France. Attention (Be careful), don’t be surprised if the style is not really classic, but more rap or R&B! That’s what people listen to the most these days on these platforms.
  • If you want to listen to more pop styles or classics, you can try French playlists!
  • You will also find Podcasts in French there if you feel ready to understand them!

Music makes it easier for you to remember certain words or phrases in French, while podcasts help you with listening comprehension.

My last musical tip is to listen to Disney songs in French!
Yes, it’s true: I love Disney. But as with cartoons, you probably already know Disney songs in your language, and, therefore, they are easier to understand (although the lyrics are sometimes very different)!

9. Read articles (Twitter) and books in French

Read articles and books in French
A little reading break every day, while enjoying a coffee!

Even though Twitter is a little less popular than other social networks, it is very convenient for practicing French.

  • Here too, you can follow French accounts of celebrities or French brands, but especially news sites on the subjects you like.
  • Since texts are limited to a certain number of characters, you don’t have too many words at once.
    You can, therefore, see a few sentences in French every day: directly on your Twitter feed.
  • If you don’t have time to read them, you can like the tweet to bookmark it for later.

Personally, I keep up to date with what’s going on in the world by following newspapers on Twitter.
The good thing is that you only see the headlines, and you can choose to read more only on what you like.

To improve your reading comprehension, you can also read books in French, starting with the easiest ones, like my favorite (and most famous): Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince).

10. Cooking with recipes in French

Cooking with recipes in French
The famous “Pain Perdu” that inspired this blog!

One of the best tests to do to check your understanding of French is to follow cooking recipes in French!

You will know if you have understood everything correctly when you see (and taste) the result!

  • You can start with simple recipes like Crêpes or Pain Perdu (French toast)!
  • There are plenty of French recipes you can try to make, by cooking as many savory dishes as sweet dishes!
  • Of course, you can also have fun finding recipes from other countries in French (and even from your country) to test your understanding with something you know!

The vocabulary of cuisine (cooking) or baking is very specific.
As in your language, you may therefore learn words that you will only use when cooking.
But that’s important if you ever want to cook a meal with French-speaking friends!

Bon appétit (Enjoy your meal)!

11. Put your phone/computer in French

Put your phone/computer in French
For language immersion without the need to travel!

Another concrete French test you can take is to change the language of your phone or your computer!

You must have noticed that you don’t always pay attention to what is written on your phone…

  • You already know the icons and locations of what you’re using, and you do it almost automatically.
  • So don’t be afraid to change the language of your devices!
    You can always change it back if necessary.
  • The first time you see French words on your phone, you will instinctively know what they mean, such as “messages (messages)“, “appel (call)” or “envoyer (send)“.
  • And by dint of seeing them, you will learn them naturally.

It is a very efficient technique, which I used for all the languages ​​I wanted to master.
It is a real immersion in the language, and it prepares you for your future trip or future life in France!

It is a very efficient technique, which I used for all the languages ​​I wanted to master.
It is a real immersion in the language, and it prepares you for your future trip or future life in France!

The bonus in all of this?
Your family or friends may not be able to use your phone or computer anymore without your permission!

12. Practice writing and reading in French (Here on this blog!)

Practice writing and reading in French
This blog is here for you, so use it!

Practice writing everything you can in French!

Do you have errands to run?
Want to write your to-do list?
Can you imagine what you will be able to say to your French-speaking friends?
Write it all in French!

  • It is by practicing writing that you will think about how to use the right words and that you will improve.
  • You will learn useful vocabulary for you, which you’re more likely to use in your everyday discussions than words taken from endless vocabulary lists.

That’s all well and good, but you’re going to ask me what the point is if no one is there to correct you!

  • You can practice writing on this blog, in the comments, and I could correct you if it’s wrong.
  • You can do the same on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube!

Sinon (Otherwise), I’ll give you some techniques to write better in French when you’re on your own.

13. Write with a spell checker

Write with a spell checker
No, I’m not asking you to type!

I am also in your case when I write in a foreign language, I am not always sure I am writing correctly.

So over the years and through my experience in translating, I have found some tips to help me write better (and even get better grades on essay assignments).

  • First, write your texts on word processor like Word for Windows or Pages for Mac.
    Activate the spell check, and you will see where your mistakes are!
  • Another technique I’ve found to check a form when you’re in doubt is to just search for the exact phrase you want to say in a Google search with the quotes “…”.
    Bien sûr (Of course), as many people write in French on the Internet making mistakes, you will find results for incorrect sentences (hélas (alas))!
    But compare the number of results, and you will find the correct form (example: incorrect form “je mange un pomme (I eat a apple)” = 2,000 results, but the right form “je mange une pomme (I eat an apple)” = 50,000 results!)
  • But the easiest (and probably the best) technique you can use on your phone is to use a spelling and grammar checker like Bonpatron.
    Very easy to use: it explains and corrects most errors!

Now you don’t have many excuses for making mistakes in French!

14. Find French speaking friends

Find French speaking friends
A banal evening with friends, in Paris!

What is most efficient, but also one of the hardest things is finding francophones to talk to!

  • Of course, social networks help a lot, and you can communicate with Francophones, wherever you are!
    Alors (So), don’t hesitate to leave comments in French!
  • You can also search for events near you, like language exchanges! (Or Irish pubs, that also works…)
    These places are ideal for meeting new people in a friendly atmosphere and with people who are also interested in learning languages ​​(a little less in Irish pubs).
  • Finally, the best way to learn French quickly is to find a French boyfriend or girlfriend!
    If this is your case, sometimes you will find that arguments are the times when you will suddenly become good at French!
    You will want to be understood so much that you will surpass yourself (oui (yes), I speak from experience)!

But I am obviously not asking you to break up your relationship if you are not with a French speaker!

The most important thing is to find people, friends or not, with whom to practice French, in person or virtually!

15. Motivate yourself and stay motivated!

Motivate yourself and stay motivated!
Think about what you can do once you’ve reached your goals!

Enfin (Finally), like with everything you do, find things to motivate yourself, and stay motivated!

  • Selon moi (In my opinion), motivation is one of the most important factors in your success!

Every time I started learning a new language from scratch, I felt a little demotivated from everything I had to learn!

But you shouldn’t stop there!

  • Set yourself small goals that you can easily achieve!
    You will be able to celebrate many small successes, and you will not be demotivated by the big goals that are still far away.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others!

Easy to say, but to do…?
I must admit that even I, a language teacher, sometimes have times when I find myself comparing myself to other people, who are learning the same language, or who do the same job as me!

But luckily, it doesn’t last long!

  • To stop comparing yourself to others, remember that you are unique and very different from everyone else!
    Maybe you are new to a language, but you too are a native speaker in your language, and many learners of your language envy you!
    You have your own experience, and no one can compare to you except yourself:
    Do you speak better French than three months ago? Félicitations (Congratulations)! You have improved, and therefore you are better than before!
  • Whenever someone compliments you, remember it or write it down if you need to!
    When you are demotivated, read it again!

Everyone has their own techniques, and there are a lot of them to motivate yourself!

Remember one thing:

People who don’t succeed are people who give up because they think they won’t succeed anyway!
French is too difficult? Stop learning it, and you’ll see, you won’t be able to speak it!

Successful people are people who keep going because they think they will succeed one way or another!
Do you think you’ll be able to speak French well one day? So keep learning French, and you’ll see you can read this blog in French without any problem!

15 tips to learn French pinterest
Don’t forget to pin this post (on Pinterest) to find it easily!

Voilà !

You now know all my tips to learn French or even other languages!

I hope you will use these 15 tips to learn French and even add your own!

I can’t wait to see all of your progress, and I’m sure you will all succeed!

No matter how long it takes, the bottom line is what matters!

Bon courage !
(Good luck!) 
À vous de jouer !
(Your turn!)

Have you tried these tips?
Which ones work the best?
What about you? Do you have any other tips for learning a language?
Respond using BonPatron; now is the time to test it!

Quels sont vos conseils pour apprendre le français ?
(What are your tips to learn French?)


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